Civil and industrial constructions

Construction for a strategic development

TEHNIC-ASIST makes projects and civil engineering construction works whose value emphasizes its attention towards the requirements of its customers and partners.

 Examples of projects:

– Housing for youth under lease ANL neighborhood Cişmea, 23 blocks;
– Rehabilitation and modernization of Serbian Cultural Centre and Day Centre in Vlăsineşti village, Botosani County;
– Building a day centre for children in the after -school system in localities in Botosani and Iasi counties
– Rehabilitation and modernization of Botosani railway station: height P + 1
– Extension at “Laţcu Voda” Technical College Siret, Suceava County: height P + 1
– “Stefan cel Mare”Suceava Airport control tower construction: with a height of 19.15 m, an area of 629.80 m2, height of S + P 4E
– Electric Plant Construction at “Stefan cel Mare” Suceava Airport: height P